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Frequently Asked Questions

LMH Teas Frequently Asked Questions and more.

What do you do exactly?

Great Question!? A lot is the short answer. I am an Empowerment Life Coach who specializes in holistic health and wellness using a full circle Approach of combining Mind, Body, and Spiritual health and wellness into a fully integrated sustainable path for happy and peaceful well being. Utilizing Coaching and Consultation, Herbal Support (add tea link), Energy Healing, and spiritual support. Have more questions, need guidance on purchasing the right product for you? Book your free 15 + consultation today

How can I choose what’s best for me?

Book a free 30 minute consultation with me to discuss what your barriers are and I will make recommendations to start you on the right path to sustainable holistic growth and healing. Book your free 15 + consultation today

What makes your products different from others on the market?

I have an extensive background in mental health, holistic health and wellness, and spiritual guidance within my personal and professional journey. As a Chef by trade in my prior career path, I can custom blend teas that are unique to your specific preferences. The quality of product that we use comes from sustainable sources and are processed in a way that preserves the freshness of the herbs, spices and flowers used that is above and beyond the majority of what can be found on the market.  The energy work and spiritual work that I do adds an additional element of purpose and focus to all goods and services received that customizes your journey in a way that will have a sustaining impact on your life. My knowledge and experience with developmental psychology, neuroscience and natural living offer decades of experience delivered to you in a way that suits your lifestyle and needs, customized to you as an individual. Book your free 15 + consultation today to learn more and get guidance in ordering the best goods and services for your needs

Is this worth the cost?

Being financially conscious is a wise choice. Any investment you make with your time, energy and money should see a return that benefits you. If you aren’t satisfied with our goods or services, we will work with you to improve our offerings and give you what is needed to restore a balance that feels mutually beneficial. This company was founded in the hopes of offering more to the world by making one positive impact at a time. Anything that you receive from LMH Custom Teas & Herbs has heart, passion and a desire to bring about change for the greater good. We will always seek to uplift you, empower you and promote your strengths as pillars in your life. Even if you decide to not purchase, you will get plenty of info at only the cost of your time. Lets collaborate Book your free 15 + consultation today

Are you qualified to advise and guide me?

You are prudent to ask this question. When we take advice or guidance from just anyone, we set ourselves up for failure. Experience is the best teacher and certifications/degrees, if earned through hard work/dedication and legitimately absorbing the information taught from a trusted source, are valuable. I can take my culinary arts degree (BA in culinary arts and food service management, entrepreneurship minor  with a focus on environmental sustainability), life coaching certification from Jay Shetty Certification School and 3+ decades of life experience and consolidate them into minutes or hours of education, empowerment, and growth for you. The real question is, are you committed to the work required to hit your obstacles head on and bypass those barriers? Book your free 15 + consultation today and see if we are a good fit

What the heck is reiki anyway?

Great question. Read more about reiki here and book yours today. Be sure to check the reviews to see some testimonials from newcomers to reiki healing and experienced practitioners who have received sessions from me over the years. Have more questions? Or See if we we are a good fit  Book your free 15 + consultation today

Isn’t divination a gateway for the devil to enter my soul?

I hear getting your photo taken will also steal your soul…I’m just giving you a hard time. The truth is, that your personal protections over your soul come from your faith path and the work you are doing in your own spiritual journey. Who is doing your reading and what sources they are pulling from? I work through God and ArchAngels in my divination work. Not because they are better or more powerful than other spiritual sources, but because they are the safest and most direct route to delivering messages from your higher self.  Your spiritual journey is your path to take to connect to your higher self. That is a personalized journey designed just for you. All you have to do is make choices along the way.  Choose your sages and diviners wisely. Not everyone has your best interest at heart. Book your first reading using the discount code Divine at checkout today here. Have more questions or concerns? Book your free 15 + consultation today

Are you an herbalist?

I don’t identify as an herbalist and I don’t have the proper training to qualify as an herbalist in a progressive sense. But I can connect you with some if that is your desire! I utilize herbs, spices, roots, and flowers that are low risk for adverse side effects and backed by scientific studies to promote health and wellness. Have more questions?  Book your free 15 + consultation today

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