LMH Cutsom Teas & Herbs LLC

If you are looking for a company that does more than just sell products, look no further. 

Briana McCallum is the founding member of LMH Custom Teas & Herbs LLC.  She has a BA in Culinary Arts and over fifteen years of experience in holistic health work environments alongside a lifetime of learning natural ways to care for herself and her community.  Briana began this journey as a passionate pursuit of natural solutions to her own physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness. After many years of sharing this gift with her friends and family, their suggestions, encouragement, and support pushed Briana towards forming LMH Custom Teas & Herbs. The company also offers collaborative health and wellness and empowerment coaching services, in person or distance reiki healing, spiritual coaching & support services, various customized products and services upon request. Sustainability and customer care are a constant focus in all business dealings


LMH Cutsom Teas & Herbs LLC

The unique ability to customize goods and services based on clients’ desired impacts and flavor preferences with teas makes LMH Custom Teas and Herbs stand out from its competitors.  Offering affordable flavor profile analysis, the company holds over 500 tea blends customized to individual clients in their database. Using predominantly culinary grade organic and naturally grown herbs and spices that are locally sourced, or purchased from fair-trade cooperatives and sustainable purveyors, offering fresh bursts of flavor in every blend.  The quality of ingredients used, combined with astute attention to detail for impacts of sourcing, customer service, and flexibility in all aspects of business make this an up and coming company to invest in.

Pricing flexibility upon request allows any income level to have access to our products as needed and the company frequently offers giveaways and community support items when feasible. We look to support others in becoming more independent in their journey of self-empowerment, education, and growth. Community is everything. When businesses incorporate themselves into the health and wellness of their community, it changes the way they function.  LMH Custom Teas & Herbs strive to uplift a more mutually beneficial and intentional way of working with the world and all we come in contact with. 

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