Why Should I Donate To LMH Custom Teas & Herbs LLC?

What & Who Will I Be Supporting:

  1. Families & Businesses 
  2. Product Relief/Support
  3. Spiritual Support & Life Coaching Services.  
  4. Divination Services.

We Are Always Happy To Partner With Your Health Care Professionals to Create a More Collaborative Healing Modality.

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In need. Your donation enables LMH Custom Teas & Herbs staff to offer discounted services, goods, and payback programs (receiving goods and services on credit until funds are available). This has been especially beneficial during the pandemic as many are enduring financial and medical hardships that our teas, personal chef services, and health coaching have helped to improve.   

Once each year during the heights of the pandemic, LMH Custom Teas & Herbs has offered Covid Relief efforts through free Cold & Flu Season Teas given to Covid effected households to help with healing and symptom easing.  Free labor hours are frequently offered in consultations with clients who are shifting their lifestyles for their personal health and wellness efforts. Countless hours of research also goes into the information provided to clients looking for support through our products. If we were to charge for every hour spent our products and services would cost a fortune! You Tippers Out There Have Been A Blessing Along The Way!

These two things go hand in hand as our spiritual health is a part of our total health and wellness-Mental, physical, spiritual etc. It is all relevant! We don’t charge for spiritual support services, ever! However, donations are appreciated as it does take time and energy. We have offered Spiritual & Life Coaching Support by lending a listening ear, asking trigger questions, encouraging self improvement, and guiding those in need towards support systems that may be of use.  We have offered energy support in the form of: clearing, protection, chakra alignment, sleep support, pain management, meditation guidance, energy shifting sessions, shadow work, and more. Discalaimer- The physical world contributions and considerations should always be ruled out first and incorporated into energy work. If a healer says they can fix anything, doesn’t question the practical aspect of things, or asks for money without offering proof or being willing to discuss their skills, be wary. There are too many scammers out there who will take advantage of people. We Do Not Condone This Behavior.

We offer an array of divination services including but not limited to: Card Readings, Dream Interpretation, Guided Meditation for receiving messages from divine or ethereal sources, pendulum Q & A, and energy readings. You should always trust your intuitions. We encourage self interpretation and explanations from clients as we all know our true north, but sometimes resist heading in the right direction. Sometimes, listening to the signs source is laying out for us as guides can be difficult. Some people need therapeutic support over divination and energy support. We encourage therapeutic modalities and encourage clients to seek and pursue therapy for mental healing and Doctors for physical healing. We may be able to help with the spiritual side, but the brain and body may have other needs to be met for the work to hold.  Balance in all things. 

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